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Foonetic (originally FooNet/havocnet) IRC is a small network started by friends in 2000. It has evolved considerably since then, and now has more users, more stable servers, and more channels.


How to Connect

For a random server, connect to Or, choose a server you are geographically or networkly close to from the list below. All servers support SSL connections on port 6697 and port 7001. Regular IRC is usually supported on 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000. If your client won't automatically prefer IPv6, connect to All servers may accept connections on additional ports, check the server's MOTD.


If you are having trouble connecting to a ban you believe may be in error, or any other reason, please email help[at] If you are banned, please include details in your message, including the host address you are trying to connect to.



  Location: Boston, MA
  Connectivity: 100MBit Ethernet from TowardEx Technologies
                Native IPv6 by OCCAID
  Administrators: spinfire (dpn[at], aelscha (aelscha[at]


  Location: Hartland, WI
  Connectivity: 30MBit fiber from Time Warner Telecom
  Administrators: havoc (havoc[at], chillywilly (danielb[at]


  Location: Boston, MA
  Connectivity: 100MBit Ethernet from TowardEx
                Native IPv6 by OCCAID
  Administrator: xavier (steve[at]


  Location: Amherst, MA
  Connectivity: Comcast
  Administrator: dyfrgi (michael[at]


Foonetic uses the UnrealIRCd, which supports many user and channel modes. In addition to the standard channel modes supported on most IRCds, Unreal supports several others. Consult the UnrealIRCd users manual for details.

The user modes supported for non-operators are:

  • +i: Invisible. Recommended. Non-operators cannot see you unless they are in the same channel as you are
  • +x: Cloaking. Hide your hostnmae from evildoers.
  • +s: See server messages.

Standard network services such as NickServ, ChanServ, and MemoServ are available. Register your nicks and channels to gain these features.

Network Rules

For the most part, Foonetic is a place to do your own thing. However, some rules exist to prevent abuse and make the network a better place. Use of an IRC network is a privilege, not a right; abuse of privilege will lead to loss of privilege. Server administrators have absolute say over whether you are allowed to use their server or not.

1. Proxies and TOR: Due to increasing issues with abuse, we have been forced to ban open proxies and TOR nodes from connecting to our network. While we respect the anonymity that TOR provides, it also prevents us from being able to keep the network free of spam and usable for everyone else. We used the Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor to scan for open proxies upon connect. This tool verifies that your host is not running any open proxies or otherwise open to abuse whenever you connect. Contact help at if you are banned in error. Please be aware the proxy monitor tries to connect to ports on your system and may cause firewall notifications.

2. Flooding: Flooding of any kind is not allowed and is grounds for being banned from the network. If your client floods by accident, you may be kicked from your current channel or silenced temporarily by an operator.

3.WaReZ and Illegal Activities: WaReZ trading is not permitted, and the network is not for conducting activities which may be illegal. Conspicuous illegal activity is immediate grounds for a network ban.

4. Session Limits and Cloning: There is a session limit of 20 IRC clients per address in effect by default. If you are accessing the network from behind a NAT router or from a shell server and exceed this limit, an exception can be set for you by an IRCop. Cloning clients with intent to abuse the network is grounds for banning, even if you have fewer than five clones.

5. Bot Policy: Well behaved bots are allowed. Annoying bots or bots which are insecure or poorly behaved are not allowed. Channel owners may have their own policy for public bots; it is advised you check with a channel operator before bringing a bot into a channel. Excessive bots from a single network address may exceed the session limit and/or be considered cloning. Absolutely no "botnets" are allowed and any illegal activity will be reported to your ISP!

6. Channel Policy: The operators of a given channel are there to moderate the channel and prevent abuse of the channel. Trolling, use of colors, beeps, and other annoying activity may be against the policy of certain network channels. Some channels are private. Please do not attempt to join private channels. The channel operator is in charge of the channel; IRCops will not intervene except in extreme circumstances.

7. Ban Evasion: Ban evasion is not permitted. If you have been banned from a channel, negotiation is between you and the channel operators. Ban evasion is grounds for being banned from the network.

8. CGI:IRC and IRC hosts Services such as CGI IRC and open IRC hosts/bouncers can be problematic. In the event that there is a problem with a user from such a host, there is no alternative to banning the entire host. For this reason, we request that you contact a network operator before setting up such a system. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your host won't be banned in the event of trouble.

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